With an unspeakable amount of mugs and a growing collection of knitwear, it’s not difficult to see that I have an obsession with all things cosy.

This blog started out as a very simple idea: it would be a collection of reviews and recipes and musings on where hot chocolate fits into the bigger picture of life. It’s now become a place where I can share some personal experiences too – though hot chocolate is undeniably the focal point.

So, why hot chocolate? Simply put, hot chocolate is something that holds a lot of memories and significance for me. It’s the treat I share with my little sister when I pick her up from school in winter, and it’s what I drink when I meet up with old friends at train stations or in places we haven’t been to before. It’s what I spike with Malibu on film nights with friends, and it’s what my best friend and I make before wrapping up in the world’s biggest blanket on bitterly cold days.

The aim of this blog is to find a recipe for the perfect hot chocolate – one that is warm and dark and sweet enough that it is not only a drink but an experience, and a memory.



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  1. fatimah says:

    Finding a perfect hot chocolate recipe sounds pretty good to me!
    I really like how you’ve almost given hot chocolate anthropomorphic properties to follow you through many significant moments in your life. It gives the drink, that most of us may not pay too much attention to, so much salience and impact on your future. What a creative outlook, well done!

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    1. Wow, thank you for such a lovely comment! Yes, I do definitely feel that experiences shape our tastes, and very obviously in my own case!

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