Dotty’s Teahouse: A Review

A general rule for my surrounding area is that if there is one, there is not just one. Be it pubs, churches, charity shops or coffee shops, everything seems to exist in clusters. In my local high street alone I can count 6 places to grab a coffee, excluding restaurants, which means that there’s a lot of competition when it comes to hot drinks. Each business brings something different in its attempt to have some sort of edge over the others, and the most recent addition to my local area is Dotty’s Teahouse.

Dotty’s is a gorgeous vintage style tea room serving a multitude of cakes and sandwiches as well as various hot and cold drinks. That said, this is not all they have to offer: workshops including floristry and sewing amongst creative classes for children happen on the regular, meaning that the tea room’s tagline of ‘tea, cake and creativity’ certainly lives up to expectations.

As Dotty’s is a new and very quirky addition to the area, I’ve been unable to find a table that hasn’t been accompanied by an enormous queue until just a couple of days ago. The menu is impressive for somewhere that opened so recently, including  12 different types of tea and a variety of sweet and savoury bites to eat.Sadly, the menu is as expensive as it is varied. Their hot chocolate comes in at £2.50, 30p more than most chain shops, which I can only hope is something that will change with time.

The hot chocolate is offered with or without cream and marshmallows, but the fully loaded version is a further 50p more and non-vegetarian.Additionally, there are a number of businesses offering vegetarian and vegan alternatives to popular food and drinks, so the offer of a dairy free alternative would be well received. Onto the drink itself: the hot chocolate claims to be 100% cocoa and was wonderfully dark, but could definitely have benefited from a drop of vanilla to add a little more depth of flavour. That said, it was certainly enjoyable, and was served in the kind of mug that makes me excited for the events they’ll put on around Christmas time.

Overall, the displays are beautiful and Dotty’s certainly does bring something new to Carshalton, and for a start up business I’m impressed! I look forward to taking part in some of their upcoming events – but because of the prices and the fairly simple options when it comes to hot chocolate, I’d consider Dotty’s an occasional treat rather than one of my firm favourites.


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