Whittard of Chelsea Hot Chocolate: A Review

First of all, I must apologise for not updating in a while. Not only has the weather steadily been getting hotter again, but also I’ve been able to have more time with my close family these past couple of weeks. I’ve got a few things lined up, though, to make up for my absence – and I’ll start it off with a review of all the Whittards hot chocolates I’ve tried so far.

Luxury Hot Chocolates: White, Milk and Dark

I’ve used the milk hot chocolate from this range a few times after receiving it as a birthday present, and I have to say that I really enjoy using it. The texture is absolutely perfect – it’s so silky and blends together perfectly, unlike a lot of powder-based hot chocolates. Not only that, it’s flavour is definitely very chocolatey, but sweet enough to be a crowd pleaser. I’ve used it as a base for various alcoholic hot chocolates (this is especially good with Baileys) or just on its own with foamed milk, or marshmallows topped with cream for my non-vegetarian friends.

The white hot chocolate is also a real delight. I was definitely surprised as I was not expecting much at all, but it’s just as silky as its milk chocolate counterpart, and actually tastes like white chocolate rather than pure sugar. That said, it is very sweet and isn’t something I could stomach regularly.

I should probably mention that there’s also a white praline hot chocolate in the Luxury range. I haven’t tried this myself, but I made one for my little sister a little while ago. She took a huge gulp, and looked at me with a white chocolate moustache and assured me it was delicious (and then requested it again the day after). I’ll have to take her word for it, but it smelled good – very nutty and, again, like actual white chocolate.

The dark hot chocolate is exactly what it says on the tin – 70% cocoa, quite bitter but rich and smooth. It’s lovely, but doesn’t pair too well with other flavours such as sweet alcohols. This is a treat to be enjoyed in small but strong doses, a little like an espresso.

Flavoured Hot Chocolates

While I adore the Luxury range, the flavoured hot chocolates are definitely a little hit and miss. The salted caramel hot chocolate smells absolutely divine, but its flavour is somewhat lacking. I think the caramel flavour is meant to hit you after the chocolate to leave you with a sweet and rich aftertaste, but it just doesn’t really come through. I was disappointed with this one, but it may just be an acquired taste.

The chilli hot chocolate is a little better, as it does actually taste of chilli. My mum absolutely loves this one, but I don’t find it quite as satisfactory as she does. Again, the aftertaste doesn’t come through as strongly – and, while it’s good for a powdered mass produced hot chocolate, I’ve had so much better.

Finally, my little sister and I both tried the rocky road hot chocolate. I wasn’t sure how a hot chocolate could possibly taste like biscuit and cherry, but this one really does manage it. My little sister adores this, though it’s a bit too sweet for my liking. I added some Baileys to it to balance out the flavours and add some bitterness, which made it absolutely perfect.

Overall, I think the Whittards range is the best mass-produced range of hot chocolates. I love the luxury range – it is exactly that, a luxurious, silky smooth range of very flavoursome hot chocolates – but the flavoured hot chocolates can sometimes fall short.

If you’re looking for a delicious, no fuss hot chocolate, Whittards is by far the best choice.


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